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The best lens…

Posted in Life, Working on August 23, 2011 by sojournerphoto

Leaving Skye

On holiday I suffered a camera failure when the power switch on my Ikon jammed in the off position. This left me with my mobile phone, a Nokia N8, but wasn’t a great inconvenience as I was not really on holiday to take pictures anyway. Interesting using the phone as an alternative to a low profile camera and framing without being able to see the lcd:)

Meanwhile, I ran across this old Mike Johnstone article on the ‘best lens for a Leica’, dating back to 2004. Not sure much has really changed.


A quick Hebridean impression

Posted in Hebrides, Life on August 19, 2011 by sojournerphoto




Water’s edge



Not too busy, even on the beaches

To Harris?

Kicking around

It was the wind’s fault!

Building with care

Just a few moments

Clouds gather

The cooking pot

Evening falls

Looking back and forward

Before the Beinn Lee Hill Race

When he’s gone, you’ll have to walk!

It doesn’t look steep here

But it is…

Almost at the top

I can see for miles…

and miles

North Uist – land of pools

We must be nearly there now, please

At last

Harris in shroud

Hotel and leisure complex for visiting crabs


Jacob’s ladder

Storm brewing in the north

A wet day calls for desparae measures

But has later benefits

Over the sea from Skye

Au revoir

No big camera’s. No real intent to photograph. A few films also, waiting to be cut up. A lovely couple of weeks.