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Another variant…

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I confess that I don’t know very much about Eddie Izzard, other than he’s a comedian who sometimes wears a dress and has just completed 43 marathons in 51 days – no mean feat. But apart from this recent news, I also heard him interviewed the other night by Frank Skinner (about whom I also know very little…) and during the interview he discussed his early approach to including improvisation in his act. At first, because it can sound very forced, he suggested that he had had material prepared – the safe stuff –  and then just included a small space for improv. This allowed relatively safe practice, as not much improv was needed to fill the gap, and avoided the lurches into a slow and ponderous delivery that characterises early improv attempts.

He also explained that when material is new it is exciting and he enjoys it for the first few weeks, but then it becomes bedded down and the life of it can be lost. He uses improv to break this up – both creating new work and extending the life of the remainder by allowing it to continue to evolve and change.

It struck me that it is very relevant to photography as well as any other art. It is very easy to become stuck in the rut of what we know and do well. But, striking out and doing something new and unknown is difficult, and often unrewarding whilst we are doing brand new things very badly. Perhaps making spaces where we can or are forced to do things differently could help the ongoing creative process and help avoid the staleness that results from a lack of change.

Fear is often what stops us in these endeavours, I think – we are afraid to lose the safety cushion of the familiar. We know we can go out and come back with some ‘nice’ images of x, but if we know that then they must become stale and uninteresting – to us at least. We need a bit of danger and the risk of getting things wrong to alert us to new possibilities. A few days without using the meter, for example, would probably give not a few drastically over or underexposed pictures, but it might also give us a new appreciation for a different way of rendering a scene. It might even give a whole new direction. A few days with only one lens, or a different lens, could have a similar result.


Precious memories

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20090819 Portra NC160 Northumberland - Cragside 32mgs

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard an article about the mothers of 8 British soldiers who were all killed on one day in Afghanistan. The mothers have formed a charity, Afghan Heroes. Two of these ladies were interviewed and one explained how she had not heard from her 18 year old son for the 5 weeks before he was killed, apart from a ‘phone call just two days before his death. He had spent these weeks in a remote camp and had, apparently, enjoyed the hard life there and been an excellent field soldier.

Then she explained that she was fortunate though, because he had taken 196 photos during those 5 weeks, documenting his daily life. The camera had not survived the ambush, but the memory card had.



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SoFoBoMo09 – This Small Space

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We received the blurb book I ordered for SoFoBoMo 2009. I am really pleased with the result, as is my daughter. The print quality isn’t as good as I would achieve on my HP3100, or as good as my last two book purchases (An English Eye and Down the Deep Lanes by James Ravillious) but it certainly acceptable for the book. The book also seems to be nicely bound and the premium paper is fine. Of course, if you regularly order from blurb, then you’ll be aware of this already.

The only difficulty with blurb is the pricing strucure, which makes books relatively expensive or margins low, or both. But this is a result of low volume print on demand, I think. I have turned on the sales feature at blurb if anyone wants a copy, and kept the margin low! It can be purchased here, or you can view the online version here.


Low Hauxley, Northumberland

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A couple from an evening on the beach.

Low hauxley

Low hauxley 2

In the woods

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20090908 Tmax 3200 EI400 tmax dev 8mins Woods near Chillingham29mgs

Walking in the woods near Chillingham Castle.