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Eva (2 of 2)

Eva (1 of 2)

This is Eva, who died last night. Funny how we always thought that she would go before Crystal, but actually outlived her. Now she has died just a short while  later.

Home seems a quiet place, even though she had not been very active the last few months, and we will be revisiting all those snapshots to make a scrapbook to help the children remember her. Funny, I can remember the names of all the dogs we had as children and my father is the same. Even though we know they will pass thro9gh they find a place in our hearts by their devotion and simple pleasure at our company.

When Eva arrived, she quickly persuaded my wife to allow her to sleep on the floor of our bedroom –  a place previously forbidden to any dog:)



Cragside bulrushes

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Bulrush field

Stainburn Moor – Last Stand

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Stainburn Moor (3 of 4)

I took the children and dog for a walk yesterday and on the way back took this photograph. This area of pine wood was felled/harvested a couple of years ago and so is now very open, with some remaining wooded areas to the sides. The lone tree, losing it’s leaves in the battle with the closing seasons, makes a last stand against the encroachment of the pines that wil remain green through winter’s death.


Reasons to photograph

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20090925 Tmax3200 Northumberland03mgs

He believed in the mission of photography and its best practices, its ability to witness, to draw attention to injustice and affect social change. – Mike Johnston on Marty Forscher

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that other people carea about the ability of photography to be a positive agent for change in the world, beyond merely prettifying walls.  I also ran across Paul Abbot’s project to document homeless people in London and to share their stories and photos with the mayor in an attempt to keep him to his word – that he will help them with food and shelter etc.

Thanks guys. I needed to hear that.