I was fortunate to be doubly blessed this morning – my hospital appointement was clear before the eclipse and there was a partial break in the clouds at the right time and place to view the solar eclipse. On the radio they discussed the last significant eclipse seen from the UK as being 1973 (although there was a partial eclipse between 1999 and 2001) and I recall smoking a piece of glass over a candle in primary school so we could view the eclipse directly! Now, of course, this is not recommedned as the filter is not sufficient to prevent retinal damage and potential blindness, but times change!

I was as excited today as I was in 1973 and walking back to the house in the cool and dim light before the closest we got to totality was an eery feeling. The fall in temperature as the sun is covered, remmebred from the 99-01 eclipse, is more dramati at first than the dimming of the light, an das we didn’t see a total eclipse from Harrogate the light only grew dim.

Here are a couple of pictures at about maximum coverage and then as the moon started to clear the sun. The appearance is darkened by the low exposure to keep the sun visible.





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