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Hannah and Naomi’s take on Copenhagen

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Hannah – The King’s Garden

Hannah - the King's garden (1 of 1)

Naomi – Through the Looking Glass

Naomi - through the looking glass (1 of 1)


Copenhagen – bikes are everywhere

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Copenhagen 2

Copenhagen is a wonderful city for cycling, with a real infrastructure and legal framework that supports cycling as transport. Traditional bikes are to be found everywhere.

Copenhagen 3

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 5

Copenhagen 6

Copenhagen 7

Copenhagen 1

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Copenhagen 1

Just back from a couple of days in Copenhagen and had a wonderful time. Walked miles and enjoyed the sights, cakes and coffee.

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At Dave and Lels (1 of 2)

My brother’s daughter celebrated her 18th birthday last weekend and we visited them to share lunch. Dave, here, is holding our youngest brother’s youngest son. Peter, the youngest is below with his wife our Mum and Dave’s partner. The remains of the meal still on the table.

At Dave and Lels (2 of 2)