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A triptych on the way home

Posted in Film, Life, Rolleicord on January 24, 2011 by sojournerphoto

Click on the link for a biger version. Much happier with this than the portrait below really. Smaler aperture and used a tripod.


Slowly getting the hang of the Rolleicord

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Posted in Film, Northumberland, Rangefinder, Zeiss on January 18, 2011 by sojournerphoto

Too tired to write much now, but thought I’d post this before bed!


Old axe

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Caught up!

Posted in Film, Rangefinder, scanning, Zeiss on January 12, 2011 by sojournerphoto

Busy couple of days, but finally caught up on developing and started scanning.

The first roll of FP4 (xtol 1+2 12 mins) looks a bit thin as it goes through the scanner, but hopefully there’s be a few that are nice to print for family.

Made on film

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I’ve just finished scanning several rolls of film that I’ve developed in the last few weeks and started looking throgh them in Lightroom. Even though I done some prescans and made contact sheets, I still find this exciting. Maybe not, watching the image emerge in the deve tray exciting, but enjoyable none the less. Anyway, here are a couple that caught my eye straight away. Sledging in Derbyshire last winter and my nephew on his Dad’s shoulders at Alnmouth in November. I’ve got some paper ordered and will start printing again next week…

An afternoon out

Posted in Leica M9, Life, Rangefinder on January 1, 2011 by sojournerphoto

We went for a walk around Fountains Abbey yesterday afternoon and the Abbey itself was less crowded than usual. As it was a family outing I didn’t have a tripod, but that gave me the unexpected opportunity to take some photos in dark places handheld.The first picture is one of 3 or 4 frames that I took, and I was pleased when the flock of gulls flew by at an opportune moment.

If you want to see the pictures larger then clink to be taken to their individual page.

This view in the cloisters was very dark and there is very little left in the window, but the atmosphere is nicely preserved.

At the other side of the cloister a bare cross stands in front of the window