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SoFoBoMo sign up

Posted in SoFoBoMo, Uncategorized on February 28, 2009 by sojournerphoto
Beyond the cold

My first post and I’ve just signed up for SoFoBoMo 2009, Paul Butzi’s great idea to encourage photographers around the world to set to and produce a book of new work in one month. The book should be a PDF and all shooting, writing and processing should be completed within a 31 day period in May/June 2009. I’m currently throwing a couple of ideas around, being a documentary project on an old flour mill that is in my plan for the year or a walk based project. Still have lots of other questions too – not least being, ‘Will I finish?’

I think SoFoBoMo is a great idea and you could sign up at the link here:

As this is my first post I should explain the blog. It exists to act as a repository for some of my¬†pictures and thoughts and hopefully a place where some discussion can be had. I’ll also add a link to my (not very) commercial site, if I decide to keep it running. This being because although I sell a few prints, it’s usually because someone sees one and asks rather than as a result of the website…