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At Home

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Day 2 – Delta 100

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I made a couple of 22 by 18 prints from the rolls of Fomapan 400 and was struck again at how 6 by 7 is very effective at minimising the grain of any film at normal print sizes. At that size there is grain there, but it’s not at all obvious or unpleasant and the prints look very nice in tonal terms.

Last night I was out latish and shot a roll of Delta 100 at an abandoned farm in the semi darkness. The farm has many notices saying not to enter and that it is a bio control zone. I’m not sure why – whether this is a legacy of the foot and mouth outbreak or some other disease. However, I stayed outside the fence…


More from last night

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I tried loading both rolls of Fomapan 400 on the same reel when I developed last night. Unfortunately I managed to get them to overlap, so some of the negs were spoilt. Still this is an exercise in shooting and rough scanning, not fine art! The film is pretty grainy and lacks shadow detail, even exposed at iso 200 and developed in Xtol stock for 5 minutes. 400 wuold seem to be an optimistic call for the film. However, it does have nice tonality when it works well.

Here are the last few from last night.

A roll a day for a few days

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I decided to shoot a roll or two a day for th enxt few days and develop the same evening. This is one from tonight – I’ll scan more tomorrow when they’re dry… A roll of 120 is only 10 exposures, so the task isn’t too daunting and it will provide an opportunity to try a couple of enw films out and to see what comes of it.


Old Boats, New Life

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