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Walk with purpose!

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Carols by Candlelight

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We visited a local chapel attended by some friends this afternoon for a carol service. Aswe arrived thesky was beautiful.

I am finding that having a little Ricoh again is great fun. I tend to leave it set to record raw with a jpg in black and white, knowing that if I want a colour picture I can always process the raw appropriately later. The reverse of the ‘make it black and wghite if it doesn’t work in colour’ approach, but it works for me.


Northern Squares

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I’ve just started a picture only blog, Northern Squares, as I’ve been enjoying using my Ricoh GX200 in square format. I’m still struggling with customising the appearance, so it’s pretty bland at present and some of the pictures will (initally at least have been seen here before. Anyway, please take a look.


All about the light?

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I was having a bit of a web tour the other day when I ran across an exchange in a blog that propounded the old photographic chestnut that ‘it’s all about the light’. As ever the subject was landscape photography and the concern was that one of the conversationalists spent a significant amount of time waiting for the light to be right. Going further, the light was what made his photographs, it was really his subject.

All this is fine, but I was struck by how assured the statement was that ‘photography is all about the light’. When I look around, it seems to me that much photography is all about the subject and the light may enhance, detract or simply be irrelevant to the picture made. (You don’t even need much light now with the latest cameras it seems:))

Just a though, but it helps not to lose sight of how rich and diverse the world is, and that includes the world of photography.


Bike or run?

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Having a need to do some exercise again and finding it difficult to make the time to run in the evenings, I am considering a bike as an addition to the occasional runs I do get in. In theory this would also allow me to go a bit further with a camera sometimes as well as combine commuting with exercise!! I rode the bike above, which was very nice and simply proved how unfit I have become over the last couple of years. Still, once I get out I always enjoy it. Snow tonight, so hopefully I’ll get a nice crunchy underfoot run tomorrow morning.


Before the Nativity

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Last night was our daughters’ nativity at school. They all progress up to the village church building and the play is put on there. This year was different than the last couple, as the play was much simpler and just told the story of Jesus’ birth. Here Mary tells Joseph that she is pregnant and he suggests they get married quickly:)

It was a privilege to be there and to be allowed to take a few pictures on the way through the show.

Postcard from Suffolk

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