An unexpected inspiration

A new post! I’ve been wondering about updating ‘Moments’ and changing some tins around, but I thought this was worth posting.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit tired and uninspired I wonder about new formats or cameras and all the usual stuff. It’s the same in all areas of life of course – we are increasingly programmed to consume, and to find our meaning in consumption rather than relationship and creation. Anyway, I found this picture from a walk around the market with all the family just before Christmas and it re-ingnited my happiness that anything more than a 35mm lens is just an unnecessary luxury. At least, there is still a lot to explore with that very simple one lens combination.

The butcher’s, Huttons, was our regular butcher until our more local butcher improved dramatically and Saturday morning activities curtailed my early jaunts to Knaresborough. Highly recommended for hams, well hung beef and game.

Please click thorugh to see the picture a bit bigger.


3 Responses to “An unexpected inspiration”

  1. Great picture, it’s fantastic to see game hanging up like that!
    I cooked some of their black pudding and a saddle of venison last weekend – both were excellent 😉

  2. Thanks. The beef is good too – I always enjoyed the 5 week hung kept ‘under the counter’

  3. […] from Huttons of Knaresborough (there’s a fantastic picture of their shop window at Christmas here). It seemed like a perfect excuse to cook a big dinner for friends… raw […]

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