After the ride

Well, we finished and survived the Way of the Roses! The ride was actually longer than the 170 miles due to a diversion on day two. However, the first day was far, far tougher. The first half of the ride, east to west, is very hilly and we also had to contend with a headwind strong enough to require pedalling downhill as well as up! Added to this was on off ain throgh the day and a torrential storm during the last hour of the ride. This latter reduced visibility to the point where I was briefly just following the yellow blur of a colleague’s jacket and he was later trying to follow my tail light. However, we all made the halfway stop at the Half Moon Inn in Sharrow, near Ripon, and it was great that our colleague with MND was able to join usduring the evening.

The second day was much easier, although we cycled well over 90 miles. The weather was kinder and the route is much flatter with only one big climb. Even the climb is less steep and we enjoyed a long (12 mile) downhill run and some good group riding on the flat roads. By the time we reached Bridlington, Fish and Chips were well and truly earned.

So far sponsorship is over £6,000 and we were delighted to learn that this is a meaningful amount to the MNDA, as they do not receive the level of support that some other charities enjoy. Once again, if you want to sponsor the MNDA then please either use the link in the previous post or donate directly to them. MND really is a cruel disease.



One Response to “After the ride”

  1. Way of the roses is a hard route. £6000 is a great amount to of raised. Congrats.

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