Isle of Harris, printing and a new touring bike

I just printed this picture for the first time and from the Epson 3880 I bought to replace the big HP printer that I sld to make space so the children could each have their own room. The print is on Fotospeed Baryta paper and I have to admit that I am very pleased with the result. The photo is from the Isle of Harris and, if I get around to it may form part of a print offer sometime.

On another topic, I’ve been struggling to try and regain some of the physical fitness I was fortunate to enjoy when I was younger. I’ve found myself struggling with both time and my aging lack of ability to actually go out and run as I used to without picking up injuries. It’s made harder as I have not really readjusted my mental outlook to running from the competitive approach of my younger days. However, I think I may have found a solution in cycling. This has a few advantages in that I seem able to cycle more easily without picking up injuries as readily and I don’t have any sense that I should be a competitive racing cyclist – I’m just happy to be out and to feel the wind, see the sights and smell the smells. Even heading out at night and after dark brings it’s own pleasure.

However, a big plus of cycling is that it’s actually a useful way to get around and with a rack and panniers stuff can be carried too. Whilst I’ve tried putting a rack on my old mountain bike, I’ve found this a por choice as once loaded it loses all the nice things about the way it rides. Also, I’ve enjoyed road riding much more than I expected. Tomorrow, I’m giong to stat the build of a touring bike – a Surly Long Haul Trucker – using a mixture of parts I have lying around and a few new ones where necessary. Hopefully this will provide a suitable commuting and visiting friends steed, with maybe the odd camping trip thrown in for good measure. Pictures to follow in due course.


6 Responses to “Isle of Harris, printing and a new touring bike”

  1. I wouldn’t disagree with any of that, even the bit about night time. I frequently ride around the lanes of Leicestershire on winter’s evenings after work. The only thing about cycling is that apart from getting your heart and lungs fitter it doesn’t really help with, for instance, fell walking, because cycling is too muscle specific and isn’t load bearing. So I just do a lot of both! Lovely pictures, I’ve had a Epson 3800 for a couple of years and have been extremely pleased with it.

    • I’ve always enjoyed being out at night – a run across snow covered fields on a clear winter’s night is a real treat, so I suppose the bike is an extension of that desire to explore. As you say, it’s very obvious (by experience to date) that cycling doesn’t directly benefit running or fell walking, but I’m trying to get out early on and do some very short runs to build up the muscles and remind the bones and joints htat they have work to do! However, the improvement in cardio vascular fitness and the ability to lose a bit of weight will be positive.

      I’ve been very pleased and impressed with the epson so far. No head clogs yet and it’s nice to have a printer that handles sheets well again. An unexpected bonus has been the ability to make 6 by 4 prints for friends and family, without having to vut up bigger peices of paper after printing.


  2. Cycling is great for when you get older. I’m 35 and had let things slide for the last 5 years… but i’m getting back into it now. Never been a fan of running, too tall for it and besides as you say it’s an impact activity. And yeah cycling – easy to carry a camera or two 🙂

  3. I’m 45 and have 10 extra years of ‘letting it slide’:) Marriage, children and working harder than when I was young are the main excuses. But I reached the point where I needed to do something for sanity as well as health’s sake and it’s been fun getting out again.

    It also hadn’t escaped me that a bike can carry a camera much better than a bumbag, as well as being able to go further. I have a loose intention forming to do a SoFoBoMo book up at Brimham Rocks, which could invlove a few rides out and and back with some picture taking in between. If I do that it will be a double challenge as not only will I need to do the mileage, but I’ve always found Brimham very hard to photograph.


  4. Over the last month I’ve picked up cycling again as well, about 60km per week and hopefully building up. It has been good trying to get fit again and I feel better for it already. Just watch car drivers on the road, they have no idea here in Australia as I can attest to after an altercation just this week.
    These are great pictures Mike.

    • Hi Robert

      Yes, I’ve enjoyed starting to get a bit fitter again, and cycling is great fun. I’ve just finished the Surly today, so will try and get out for an earli=y shakedown run tomorrow – might even post a couple of pictures.

      Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it to commute a couple of times a week, which will allow me to get some increased mileage in without taking up all my evenings!

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