On good service

A few weeks ago I wrote about the appalling service provided by BT, which problems were only resolved by the intervention of their ‘Twitter’ team after I blogged about the issues. Now, in the last few weeks I have received exceptional help and service from a couple of organisation, so it seems only fair to mention them in dispatches, so to speak.

First, my wife’s Peugeot 807 HDi broke it’s timing belt after 5 1/2 years and 73,000 miles. The service internval on this is 100,000 miles or more depending who you ask. Howevr the car is well outside warranty. We had the car taken to our local Peugeot main dealer – Stoneacre in Harrogate –  who advised that a new engine would cost £7,000, but that they had contacted Peugeot. After some discussion and further chasing from Nick in Stoneacre’s service department, Peugeot agreed to fund the cost of fitting a reconditioned engine up to £5,000. As a result Stoneacre were able to replair our car with the repairs funded by Peugeot.  So a very grateful thanks for Nick, Stoneacre and Peugeot for their help and support.

Second, I sold an item via ebay that was delayed in the post having been sent via Special Delivery. After a few days I called the Royal Mail and was given a case number and phone number to call the following week if they hadn’t called me back following heir investigations. As it turned out, the delayed item was delviered on the following Monday and I then forgot to cal to follow up the missing item case. However, I received a cheque refunding my postage and a letter of apology a couple of days later. Again, great service and much appreciated.

The pciture above was taken at Brimham Rocks a few days ago as we walked along the path for an evening picnic.


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