Northumbria Garden in colour

My monochrome version of this picture staretd a bit of a debate about the use of black and white in contemporary documentary work. This is a question that I have considered repeatedly over the last couple of years. For information, the above image is simply a colour version of the monchrome picture above, but with a graduated filter in LR3 to remove a green cast in the upper half of the frame.

I continue to be very aware of a tension between using monchrome for this sort of picture, which often carries an unintedned romantic sense of past with it, and using colour, which clearly dates the image to today – particularly with digital capture rather than exposing film. I’m not sure I’ve reached a conclusion yet and p[erhaps should just let each picture or project stand on it’s own.

However, for the historians amongst you here is a colour version. If you want a print then email me and you will be able to more deeply into the picture! Also, of course, discussion of the topic in the comments would be welcome.


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