Superwide Heliar – temporary post


2 Responses to “Superwide Heliar – temporary post”

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you had sorted your workflow for this lens yet? I’ve been looking around at the various options and tried Cornerfix…but wasn’t happy at that solution. I’ve just tried Capture One v6 and that seems to deal reasonably well with the lens and provides a workflow solution.



    • Hi Mark

      No, I never did get the 15 Heliar sorted on the M9. I built a cornerfix profile, but found the need to identify individual frames frustrating. I suspect that with a bit more playing I could have got somewhere with using one of the built in Leica profiles and tidying up in Lightroom. However, that can be difficult as the processing order in LR seems to mean that you can’t simply apply a standard grad filter adjustment to deal with red edge for all frames from a particular lens.

      So my solution with the 15 was to use it on film and then subsequently to swap it for a Zeiss 4/18 distagon – which also suffers from residual red edge. This one ( is from the Zeiss 18.



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