Old axe


4 Responses to “Old axe”

  1. A fine way to go and a perfect entry to the world of TLR. Just carry a small light-metre and you’re good to go. Interesting lens cover you have there!

    I’m hunting down the retro stuff over here but may well take you up on your kind offer. XP2 goes through my Cord wonderfully and scans easy too. For colour the Fuji Pro400 looks good but recently I’ve been looking at the Kodak Portra 400 range.

    • Cheers Guy. Yes, I’ve enjoyed it so far, but not shot any colour yet. It reminds me a bit of an old 6 by 9 (vertical) camera that my grandfather taught me on. That had some limited movements on the front standard and sliding ground glass. The TLR at least lets me take the picture straight after framing and focusing.

      On film, I really like the Portra range. I’ve put a couple up that are on 35mm new Portra 400 – here and here – and I even like the 800 too. Nice skin tones and rich slightly warm colour.

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