A couple of books

I’ve recently read ‘On Being a Photographer‘ by David Hurn in conversation with Bill Jay, which I found very useful and actually reflective of some recent thoughts. I’ve also read Brooks Jensen’s ‘Letting Go of the Camera‘ – also highly recommended. I’ll comment further in due course, but both are appreciated gifts from my Father.


2 Responses to “A couple of books”

  1. Coincidentally, I am re-reading the Jay/Hurn book having it bought it a year or so ago. I met Hurn in Aberystwyth a couple of years back because, as you will have read, he ‘returned ‘ to Wales in the ’70s and it was through his book ‘Land of my fathers’ that I first got to know his work. That book is worth getting. It’s great to know that he is still taking photos.

  2. Hi John

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Jay/Hurn book. It provided much food for thought and encouragement in fact. Particularly the approach to project working and getting through something to have some pictures to look at.

    I also liked the descriptionof a mum picking up her camera to take a picture of her child’s expression as being 85% of the way there. This has increasigly accorded with my own experience and reasons for making photos.

    A positive from the Brooks Jensen book is the reminder of the need to finsih. It doesn’t matter if it only takes a couple of hours, something finished is better than a work in progress…


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