Day 2 – Delta 100

I made a couple of 22 by 18 prints from the rolls of Fomapan 400 and was struck again at how 6 by 7 is very effective at minimising the grain of any film at normal print sizes. At that size there is grain there, but it’s not at all obvious or unpleasant and the prints look very nice in tonal terms.

Last night I was out latish and shot a roll of Delta 100 at an abandoned farm in the semi darkness. The farm has many notices saying not to enter and that it is a bio control zone. I’m not sure why – whether this is a legacy of the foot and mouth outbreak or some other disease. However, I stayed outside the fence…



2 Responses to “Day 2 – Delta 100”

  1. A general comment – I’d love to see some larger samples, especially with your experiments in tonality and grain reduction.

    You have some beautiful images – late light, clouds, etc. I’m on the edge of going back to film, and you are definitely moving me more in that direction.

  2. Hi Tom

    Thanks for the comment. Been off line a bit lately, but if you send me a note through the contact email on the about page I’ll email you a scan – may take a week or two though, as I’m mid PC rebuild…


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