British telecom poor service

Sorry no picture today, but I am incensed with British telecom and its complete inability to administer an end of service reqest.

I have just received the fourth or fifth demand for an end of service payment that BT staff have agreed should not be levied on each of the occasions the business has written demanding payment. BT is now threatening to instruct a debt collection agency and to ruin my credit rating in order to collect £86.11 that they have agreed is not due and which they have repeatedly said they would remove from the account.

The incompetence has reached a point where I can only imagine that this is a deliberate attempt to frighten vulnerable customers into overpaying. When I try to ring them I get routed, if I can get through at all, to a call centre where the staff are clearly unable to deal effectively with the problem and simply promise to fix it. I have written to the customer care centre and they have not even had the courtesy to acknowledge my letter, never mind reply.

I have paid more than shold have been due under the account and my wife worries about the arrival of the bailiffs and the damage to our credit rating. I will tonight write to the Chief Executive, the Chairman and ‘Customer Service’.

I suggest that you do not choose BT to be provider of any services in your home or mobile.


5 Responses to “British telecom poor service”

  1. Highly amusing: I tweeted a link to this story and had BT’s twitter team on the phone to me within a couple of hours (I have my own long running dispute with BT). The BT twitter team are (relatively) helpful people and have managed to get my assorted problems closer to resolution than any other BT employee has. You can contact them at

    No guarantees etc.

    “I suggest that you do not choose BT to be provider of any services in your home or mobile.” Seconded.

  2. Thanks Colin, I’ve emailed BT and await a response.


  3. Well BT have fixed the issue and have written confirming that I do not owe them any money. The letter was an automated note with no apology, so not really satisfactiry.

    More positively, the Twitter Team have tried to call on several occasions, unfortunately missing me each time – not their fault. Worse is that I am not able to call them back – again not their fault I suspect, but not very impressive for a communications business!

    Still, hopefullly we won’t get a knock at the door from the debt collectors…

  4. My ISP is in Ringwood, I can phone up and talk to Colin (x2) and Andy if I get a problem (seldom). When I wanted to lift my webspace to 2Gb for a couple of months I phoned Andy and asked, he yelled across the office “Can Rex have 2Gb for a couple of months?”. The reply was “Yes”. No cost.

    I do pay extra for this human service and every now and then I’m tempted to reduce my costs, then I read stories like this!

    I do use BT for the land line but leave well alone.

    PS I forgot to pay my yearly dues, after a couple of months I got a call and they said, we think you’ve forgotten to pay, can you stick a cheque in the post!

    • Rex, excellent. A personal service in today’s world is something to hold on to. I try to buy photo stuff from my local shop and bike stuff too – anything to keep the service available!


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