No vapour trails

Whilst being sympathetic to the difficulties faced by many people over the last couple of weeks, I have been inspired by the reminder that our hubris about being in control is just that. There were no valpour trails in Northumberland the other weekend, following the Icelandi volcanic eruption.

I was also reminded of a program that I saw a fwe weeks ago on a previous eruption in Iceland that devastated the local population – killing farm animals through fluorine oisoning – and also have very significant impacts throughout europe. In the UK many young men died through the summer after working out in the fields as the cloud of poisonous gas drifted by over the weeks and months. None of them would have even known of the eruption. In France the cold and hard winter that followed is thought to have helped pave the way for the revolution, and there was a great even in egypt.

After the planes started to fly again, I was disheartened to hear the politicians seek to make political capital from the situation. To me this seems to be yet another failure of our political system and its principal players.



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