How many cameras to carry?

20090925 FP4+ Rodinal Northumberland29mgs

Connected to the last post, I’ve noticed recently that I do not really like to carry lots of camera equipment when I’m out. In the past I’ve happily carried a couple of dslr’s and lenses to shoot a wedding, and would do so again if it were called for, but now Iprefer to have less options to confuse me. I was quite surprised that I didn’t even want to carry two rangefinders with colour and black and white film in them and just one lens on each, as it confused the way I was seeing. The real tension was between thinking in colour and in black and white at the same time, and this diluted my approach to both. To a lesser extent I have reacted to carrying more than one lens at once, although that is less problematic as I tend to carry a 35/50 normal and something else (which then stays in my pocket).

All of this would probably be fixed by more practice, but I have found that keeping the equipment simple helps when I am photographing.

An aside, is that it is not really the particular equipment that concerns me – I am happy to use a dslr, rangefinder or digicam – but a need to avoid confusing my seeing process by having too many alternatives at the time of photographing. This perhaps also gives a clue as to why to dslr’s are OK, because they basically do the same job.



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