Too many clicks – or being in the moment…

Two boys

A recent article in the Telegraph bemoans the ubiquitous presence of people snapping away with their digital cameras. Whilst the article is fairly standard fare, and pretty much what you’d expect from a reactionary paper such as the big T, there are some valuable points.

The principle complaint is that the photographer in question failed to enjoy the experience as he could have, as he was glued to his camera throughout a cable car ride. Fine, but that may just be his way of enjoying life… Quite why it so annoyed the journalist, apart from needing a topic for a column, I’m not really clear.  But I do agree that there is a time for not taking a picture – I was out for a run on Friday Friday afternoon and the light through the trees was wonderful, but I did not wish for a camera at all. I was quite happy running on a lovely day and filling my lungs with fresh air. I don’t take a camera to work with me as I know that I can’t photograph during the working day – my job just takes too much. But if I am photographing I am enjoying looking and seeing, so I don’t really feel any different from other times. Of course, I’ve learnt by experience to leave the camera sometimes and haven’t always been so happy to let things go. But surely we can allow people to learn this themselves, without lambasting them in the media.

In a similar vein, the picture above is from the christening the other weekend. I had decided not to really take pictures, but we agreed that I’d take the Ikon and a roll of film. I finished up printing 6 or 7, which quite surprised me as I had a very relaxing afternoon and left the camera in it’s bag most of the time. Best of all, it didn’t take me long to cull the 36 shots after I’d developed the film.



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