SoFoBoMo 2009


A very quick post – I now have around 45 images gathered together and processed and am ready to try and form them into a book. I made small prints of them all and laid them out on a  table last night, which leads me to consider rejecting at least some of them. I may cut them back to only 35, but at least I think I have enough now.

The picture above was interesting in that although only a very small area is in focus, it threw the differences between some different raw converters into sharp focus. There is a lot of detail in the bark at the font of the Bay trunk and when I first ran this through Lightroom I was unhappy with the way the sharpening had created halos in the detail. Even baking the sharpening off left some artifacts that I didn’t like when viewed at 100% or even 50%. Although I eventually ran with this version for the book project(!) as the prints will only be very small I also experimented with DXo and canon’s own DPP. Both produced, in my view, a better rendering of the bark detail and DPP was my favourite by a small margin. The latter may have been affected by DXo not suporting the canon 100 macro on a 1Ds3, so the sharpening is not automated. If I were to print this at anything above about 9 by 6 inches then I’d use one of the other versions.

Some other thoughts on Mike Johnston’s post on The Leica as Teacher should follow shortly – as expecetd there was a lot of response to this both on his website and else where. I think the idea has some merit… more later.



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