SoFoBoMo 2009

bike and braai

Well, the James Ravilious documentary has caused a few thoughts about time, not least demonstrated by my ability to have spent all of 3 hours shooting for my SoFoBoMo project. This has become ‘This Small Space’ and consists of pictures around our small back yard – with a couple of cheats from the front of the house. I’ve done most of the images and my daughter has also contributed, making it a joint book. I’ve included one above, a happy juxtaposition of an old barbeque and bike in the corner of the yard.

Other things that have irritated me this week include the politicians who have systematically abused their expense system and then tried to cover it up – how true was the jest that ‘the official secrets act exists to protect officials, not secrets…’  The really galling thing, to me, is that there is no sense from the political classes that everyone who is implicated should resign or be barred from holding public office, and that it would be appropriate for the to be replaced by new people that have never been part of the system. It is as if they believe and expect the public at large to just accept that they are the only choice. Surely there are 600 intelligent people in the uK who could be called to public service – particularly given the rising tide of unemployment we face as a result of the current recessionary climate.



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