SoFoBoMo 2009


My book title on the SoFoBoMo website still says ‘Two Mills’, but I will get around to changing it. Work has been very busy lately and so I’m not sure that I’ll manage my plan to get out and spend some time at lunch shooting over a few days. As a result I’m falling back on another idea – one of my wife’s – and plan on shooting some work in our back yard early in the morning. This will be a challenge to put together 35 images, but having a limited scope also forces the creative juices (and they’re very absent photographically during the day at the moment!) and I’ve got a few ideas starting.

Colin, over on auspicious dragon has just posted about his plans to adopt a short shooting routine and limited processing time. Mine shall be likewise. I will shoot using a dslr and probably stick to the canon 100 macro lens, although I am permitting myself the luxury of a 28 if I need it.

The two mills idea is still there, but will require some time to put together. An alternative is simply to shoot Caudwell’s Mill in Derbyshire, and it’s possible that I will get a chance at this later.



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