Man in the environment


In a recent video Michael Reichmann on the Luminous Landscape talked about how he made an image in Madagascar, including the cloning out of a number of (small and in the background) people. This raised a few questions in the forum, albeit if you look at the video the people removed from the shot really were small. What is clear however is that Michael presented an image that was idealised or what his audience want to see, but did not refelct the reality of Baobab Alley as it is today. Michael is clear about this and so there is no dishonesty going on (in fact this was really achieved by shooting position and timing rather than cloning), but it does point to some of the issues around why we photograph. It is quite common to hear that it is only the final image that matters, as though that is somehow divorced from the circumstances in which it was taken, and a thread a few days later on LL included the advice that someone should try reshooting a waterfall to exclude a building that appeared in the left of the frame. To me the building was fine, and so I present an image with evidence of man not cloned out or excluded. I have an alternative, with no tractor, shot a few moments earlier but to be honest I prefer this one.



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