And finally…


It’s strange how sometimes something that started out as a grab shot in passing takes on a life of it’s own. This shot followed that process exactly.

The chairs and their relation to the buckets caught my eye and so I quickly grabbed two frames in passing.

After scanning it was clear that this frame, which is slightly cropped, was more powerful an expression of what caught my eye than the other wider view. In other words the wider context wasn’t needed.

Then, there was still something missing so I tried a selective desaturation of everything but the read chair. This was an improvement, but left room for some more work. The next step was to add the colour back into the front bucket – balancing the chair and giving the picture more purpose .

Finally, I removed the distracting ‘clothes horse from behind the left chair and carreid out some selective sharpening, clarity reduction to limit other distracting elements added a masked overlay layer to increase colour and contrast in some areas and revisitied the vignette in Lightroom.

This all started out as ‘just a bit of fun’, but after a few nights has evolved in a print that I’m very pleased with. I’ve also gone further than has been my recent habit in processing the image, including cloning out a distracting element in the picture. For a lot of work I don’t tend to do this, but in this case it seemed appropriate – there is no story here that depends on factual accuracy and the image is all about expressing my vision of the world as I pass through.

One that went further and longer than I expected.



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