Africa project – A scent of the South


In 1995 I was fortunate to spend over 6 months travelling around Southern and East Africa. Although this wasn’t a photo trip I carried my trusty AE-1, a few lenses and 30 rolls of Kodachrome. Recently we dug the box of slides out of the attic and I have started to scan those that I consider worthwhile – whether for the memory or as pictures. As I am working through the box it is also apparent that i purchased a few other rolls of slide film as well, so the project involves scanning over 1,000 slides and making selects from them. Eventually, I hope to gather the best in a book – in a sort of very slow SoFoBoMo style – more SoFoBo2Yrs at the current rate of progress!! Still, if I keep working at it bit by bit I will eventually finish.

Looking through the slides is great though. Although I already have a strong sense of the sort of work I want to include in the book, the key impressions I have from the ‘southern lands’, there are also many wonderful memories being brought back of the wonderful continent that is africa.

The image above is from Namibia and shows a small settlement nestled in the semi arid scrub that forms much of the country – which is mostly desert – with a backdrop of Namib dunes. Namibia itself is the home of some of my best memories and I visited again in 1998 with my wife, who I had met in Zimbabwe on my previous trip.



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