SoFoBoMo – the next generation


I’m really pleased.  My nearly 7 year old daughter has decided that she wants to do SoFoBoMo too. She is going to take pictures of our caravan. Her last photographic foray was putting an album together of the pictures she took on holiday in Norway in the summer, two attached here. The album had 60 or 70 photos and she captioned every one in her own hand.

I expect that she will use the Canon G7 that we bought second hand for her last year. This suits her point and shoot approach, although she has recently expressed an interest in taking some pictures with film (you can’t see the picture on the back of that one Daddy!) and I have an old Zorki 4k rangefinder loaded with HP5 waiting:)




2 Responses to “SoFoBoMo – the next generation”

  1. I wonder if she’ll be the youngest participant on record? It’s fantastic that you’re encouraging her. I had to wait until I was 21 before my daddy bought me an slr!

  2. Julie, it’s great that she’s interested – I try not to pressure her, but encourage her as she shows enthusiasm. I was fortunate as my grandfather started me with a 6 by 9 bellows camera (still around somewhere) about age 9 and then lent me his rangefinder. Then when I was 14 he bought me a canon AE-1. All through I used a lot of black and white film and developed my own. I even have a very clear mmory of standing in his bathroom watching him hold a reel of black and white diapositive material up tot he photoflood bulb to complete the reversal process:)


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